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Freelance Android Development in Dubai - Find and hire Android developers in Dubai who specialize in a range of Freelance Android Development in Dubai for companies. A large pool of skilled and knowledgeable Android app development freelancers can provide expert Android app development services to companies in Dubai. Our platform provides freelance Android app development services in Dubai at reasonable prices, as compared to hiring full-time professionals.

If you don't have any experience or training in application development, or if you merely have a concept for an app and want to make it happen, hiring freelance app developers is your best option. With the widest selection of capable and talented freelancers in Dubai, offers all types of freelance Android developers. By using our service to hire freelancers for Dubai android app development, you can save up to 50% of your business costs.

What does a Freelance Android Developer do?

A software developer who focuses on building apps for the Android operating system is known as an Android developer. One extremely popular operating system is called Android. Because the market for developing Android applications is booming, there is a great need for  Freelance Android developers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for software developers, which includes Android developers, is projected to increase by 17% by 2024. The developers for iOS and Android are essentially the same. To be successful in the field of Android development, an Android developer must possess some essential technical and non-technical abilities.

Benefits of hiring a Freelance Android Developer

The amount of effort required to build your app will define the mobile app development team or freelance developer you need to hire. Following are some of the benefits that you can get from hiring a freelance Android developer:

Increased expertise - An employee in your organization who is proficient in all platforms but is not an Android or iOS developer will always do worse than a freelance app developer who focuses on Android apps.

Security is ensured – Data security issues are the main deterrent for businesses to hire freelance developers. It is difficult to completely rule out the possibility that information about your project or organization will be disclosed to third parties.

Dedicated Developers - Hiron offers Freelance developers to improve your company, which is one of the main benefits of hiring one of our developers. Each developer has experience in a variety of industry verticals.

Cost-effectiveness – Hireon strictly adheres to pay-as-you-go, and you can engage dedicated developers for a specified time period. Our programmers can be hired on a monthly, weekly, or hourly basis.

Availability - When you hire a Freelance Android developer from us to manage the development of your Apps, you are not hiring a specific developer; Rather, you are employing us, which is one area in which we stand out from the competition.

Top Freelance Android Development in Dubai | Hireon

To provide effective results to their clients for any type of Freelance Android Development in Dubai, there are expert Android app development freelancers available for hire in Dubai. They are able to use the latest Android app development techniques and technologies. To work as an Android developer, you must have completed technical training or have a bachelor's degree or diploma in computer science. You should be proficient in a programming language and have a good design methodology. An awareness of the stages of the development process is essential for an Android developer, as is knowledge of mobile app platforms and tools. Businesses can get their work done faster with the help of freelancers in Dubai who are experts in Android app development. It is completely safe to use Hireon as freelancers are paid only when you are fully satisfied with the service. The basic roles and responsibilities of an Android developer are-

  • Design and develop the applications for the Android platform
  • Coordinate with the other team members for cross-functional activities such as designing, adding new features, etc.
  • Manage the outside data sources and APIs
  • Find bugs and reconstruct the application performance
  • Work on evaluating and discovering new technologies and features to enhance development efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Why hire an Android app developer near Dubai on Hiron?

As a working marketplace, we connect highly skilled freelance Android app developers and businesses and help them build trusted, long-term relationships so they can accomplish more together.

Q - How much does a freelance Android developer make?

A - The Freelancer Android Developer Dubai salary is around ?3,00,000 per year.