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Rohit Khubchandani



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Greetings, I can make videos and posts promoting your products and services to raise brand recognition. I can also develop marketing campaigns around them and boost the posts to improve traffic and sales. This pick is based on Instagram promotions In the form of posts, stories, and reels. 

About Freelancer

Rohit Khubchandani, aka @rkbond007, is a Digital Creator, Social Media Influencer, and Global Nomad - Traveler & Explorer who has visited 43 countries across six continents. He creates content about travel, lifestyle, and food with the motto "Live, Laugh, and Learn." 

Join Rohit Khubchandani @rkbond007 in his journey as he travels the world and explores some fantastic places. The channel focuses on travel, lifestyle and food-related content Discover some of the most amazing countries in the world through Rohit's videos about UAE, Uzbekistan, Colombia, Spain, Serbia, and much more.