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About this Pick

If the content is king, then SEO is the entire administrative body that helps the king function better. Google finds it difficult to crawl, index, and list your website on SERPs without proper SEO. And with algorithms changing very often, it is getting trickier. Search engines demand content that is crisp, useful, and to the point yet follows all the SEO protocols. Hence, our services offer highly optimized content that helps you reach the top on search engines, increases engagement, and generates leads.

We don't call it an exaggeration when we call ourselves the leading SEO company in Dubai offering varied services for micro-businesses, SMEs, and global brands because it is what we do and excel at, with proven results.

While great SEO tactics can transform your business, the contrary can reduce your reach and bring up unnecessary challenges.


  • 4 SEO-friendly blogs of 500 words each
  • Credible increase in website traffic
  • Organic keywords to ensure ranking within the first 10 pages on Google


The competition is tough for businesses of all scales and requires tremendous efforts to build a reputation in the market. Our simple goal is to hold your hand through this rough drive. With a team of professionals’ adept at churning out algorithms with their exceptional SEO skills, we ensure content that is:

  • Highly engaging
  • Both reader and Google-friendly
  • High-quality search engine optimization
  • Unique and insightful
  • Crisp and precise

Our team follows one golden rule – 'Make the significant better,' with which we ensure our high-quality content brings immense value to your business website.

About Agency

Established in 2017, Content by Diksha Vohra is UAE’s premium content marketing agency specially designed to help micro-businesses and SMEs increase their turnover by effectively using the digital space to market their products and services. We bring with us the necessary expertise that will help your audience engage better with your brand. We can help you recreate your brand appeal simply by changing the way your product reaches your audience.




  • We first look at your brand and analyse what’s NOT WORKING
  • We redo your content marketing model based on INDUSTRY INSIGHTS, TRENDING topics and issues that your audience wants to know about.
  • We align those stories with your current offerings and then help you climb your way up from their screens to their hearts.


1. Quick delivery (max 3-day turnaround)

2. Direct communication - no third parties involved

3. Affordable prices

About Services

We provide the following services

1.  Website Designing

2. Graphic Designing

3. SEO Services

4. Social Media Promotions

5. Strategy and Process Mapping Services