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Sep 09, 2022

Tricks to write an effective proposal to clients as a freelancer

Posted by Admin | Freelancer

It is an undisputed fact that freelancing has become a highly competitive field. While you may be someone with good qualifications and have the best industry experience in your skill, remember that you are not alone in the hunt for freelance jobs. There is an ocean to compete with and the first thing which will give you an edge over the others, and make the client consider you as a prospective freelancer for their projects, is your proposal. Writing good proposals is instrumental to your success as a freelancer. While you may think that it is unfair because you are armed with so many skills and therefore deserve those big bucks, the sad reality is that nothing ever comes easily. So here are a few tips which you should definitely remember while writing a proposal as a freelancer:

Keep the start strong and catchy

There’s a good old saying which goes, “Well begun is half done”. And it couldn’t be more accurate. The start of your proposal should instantly make the client believe that you are not only interested in their work, but also have the ability to do it. Highlighting your abilities effectively is particularly important for freelancers in sectors such as App Development, Digital Marketing Services, Graphic Design, etc which require technical skills.  

Don’t beg for work instead show your enthusiasm and willingness because you know you can do it better than anyone else.

Sell your strengths

This tip proceeds with the assumption that you are applying for a job that is suitable to your skills. And if the job description does not directly apply to the skills you’ve mentioned, get creative and tailor your skills to make the client believe that you have the ability to do the work. For e.g, If a client wants you to proofread legal documents but you are a content writer with a legal background, sell your legal knowledge and ability to write good drafts as something which makes you a good proofreader because when you proofread, you do it as if you have written it. Therefore, your writing ability makes you an excellent proofreader.

Answer the obvious questions without being asked

While some clients have good assessment methods in place, there are some who are a bit sloppy and may not ask the right questions. Anticipate those questions and answer them in the proposal. This will give you a great push and the client may appreciate your ability to understand problems from a given situation and come up with creative solutions, without having the need of pointing those problems out!

Keep the flow of your proposal smooth and easy to understand

Yes, you may be a content writer with a rich vocabulary and an equally rich willingness to write long, complicated sentences to impress your client. But remember, a client may simply move on to the next proposal which is easier to decipher and hire freelancers who write in simple language and give them your deserving freelance jobs! Therefore, always keep your proposals catchy, yet easy to understand and comprehend. The jargon, fancy words can be used in the project (if that is what it calls for). Having said that, also make sure that your proposals have a smooth flow. Keep your paragraphs crisp and to the point. Break your paragraphs only when you want to talk about a different point. An abruptly written proposal with no head or tail is a big off putting factor which will not work in your favor.

These tips are just to give your thoughts a direction. It is human tendency that you would not stick to these points or put blinders around your thinking abilities. After getting sufficient experience, you will develop your own pattern and writing effective proposals will become like a cake walk. But even then, the tips mentioned here would always be the guiding principles, around which you could use your creativity to write the most convincing proposals possible, and your dream of becoming a successful freelancer would soon be a reality!