Top 10 Marketing Strategies To Fast-Track Your Business Growth
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Jul 15, 2022

Top 10 Marketing Strategies To Fast-Track Your Business Growth

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You might have the best product or service in the world, but you’ll never achieve success if no one knows about it. Whether you’re targeting a niche audience or many people, and no matter if you’re just establishing your start-up or been established for a few years and looking to grow further, advertising is the key.

Here are the best and proven marketing strategies to help you break into the next level of your business growth.

1.    Set the Marketing Basics Right

A lot of marketing activities for start-ups stop at establishing their social media presence and updating their profiles. However, this isn’t enough to stand out and compete in today’s market. 

You can hire a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant who can to help you with proper marketing strategy consisting of well-planned marketing campaign with a set budget, clear goals and measurable KPIs, and most importantly, a well-defined audience. Establishing such a campaign might also help your business to fill in the blanks on some of its basic foundations, such as defining its audience, choosing the tone of voice of the brand, and more.

Most small businesses around the world spend about 7-8 % of their total revenue on marketing campaigns and focus their goals on getting leads, digital traffic, and direct sales. However, in case you are a new venture and can’t spend that volume of money in the beginning, there are a number of skilled and talented professionals looking for freelance jobs to offer digital marketing services. This will help you effectively explore other avenues of marketing apart from just social media.

2.    Establish Strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Foundation

Acquiring more search visibility in search engines will lead users to your business and is a powerful tool that will help you pop up as the top result in your field. The important aspect of SEO is that once you establish a strong foundation at the beginning, you’ll be reaping the benefits of organic search continuously without extra cost and effort. 

There are many guides available online on how to follow the best SEO practices, but the best SEO tip of all time remains to write what’s true to your offering without too much focus on spamming keywords. Hiring a Freelance SEO specialist can really help your business gain the necessary traction in the beginning. 

3.    Be Smarter with your Social Media Strategy

Social media is a basic need for any modern business. Almost every customer who will ever interact with you will interact with your social media or be exposed to it, so it’s highly important to establish a good presence on main social media channels, if not all of them.

Being on social media isn’t enough, though. Take your business a step further by being active on your platforms with diverse and engaging content because inactive pages don’t give a good impression.

The way you interact with your followers is also as important as anything else, as it shapes their impression of your business and is the modern equivalent of customers walking into your store.
Knowing the right tool is also important, as you want to use the platform that your audience will most likely be on and focus your efforts there. With a new business to set up, it is obvious that your time and attention would be on different areas. Therefore, having a dedicated social media manager is advisable. 

4.    Create a Great Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is not your product itself but something that is useful and enticing enough for your audience to have them share their email with you to get it. There are many great lead magnets that you can publish on your own, like an ebook, a mini video-course, a limited trial subscription, or generally a great piece of content that can also recruit people to share it on their own with others.

By having your target audience fill in the form with their data or sign up for notifications, you grow your audience the right way and acquire strong data that you can use later in your marketing campaigns. You can hire a Freelancer having expertise in digital marketing to help you promote your enterprise effectively so as to get more audience towards it.

5.    The Good Old Discount

It sounds like old marketing strategies, but it works. Who doesn’t love a good discount?

Discounts can become a powerful tool when used right, and they can also be used to collect more emails for people who already are your customers and likely to be interested in future products. They can also be used in partnership with other established businesses to help you gain visibility and new customers, such as offering a coupon they can redeem on your website when they buy from them or vice versa. 

6.    Email is Still your Most Powerful Marketing Tool

Despite the explosion of digital tools in the last few years, the king of digital marketing hasn’t been replaced yet: the email. It still has the highest Click-Through Rate compared with most digital platforms, has the lowest cost, and most importantly, when used the right way, you are already talking to an audience who are already your customers or interested in your product. The key here is segmentation and data: use the data to build better campaigns and segment your audience to send the right marketing campaign for them. You can hire Freelancers for email marketing so that you can reach a large audience in a short time.

7.    Create an Engaging Loyalty Program

This is often an overlooked aspect of good marketing. You got your customers through a great hook, but the next step is to retain your existing base and encourage them to keep engaging with your business and even promote it to their friends and family. Simple gestures such as a coupon on the 10th purchase, a free upgrade, a reward on a successful referral, or a point system with perks can go a long way to reward your loyal customers and make them feel special.

8.    Expand your Reach with Influencers

Some digital influencers today have a reach far beyond conventional marketing channels, especially if you choose the right people in your field who already have the same audience you want to talk to. Many influencers might already be using your product, and you only need to reach out to them, or you might offer your product or service for free in exchange for a public review. There are many ways to expand your reach with influencers, and it’s overall a great and inexpensive way to expand your reach.

9.    Make Affiliate and Partnership Programs Work for You

Speaking of working with others, affiliate partnerships with other businesses and influencers is a great way to multiply your network without an extra cost.

All you need is a well-designed affiliate program that offers a small revenue when others sell your product on their own channels. This means they also have an incentive to market your business on their own as it’s a win-win arrangement. Experts in affiliate marketing are looking for freelance jobs because of the booming startup culture which arose post the pandemic. This makes a large pool of talent available at your disposal for getting the right affiliate marketing strategist for your business.

10.    Use Retargeting Campaigns

A retargeting ad is aimed at someone who already visited your website or interacted with your business. The reason why they are so important is that they target an audience that’s already interested in your product and more likely to take action when given the right incentive. 

Retargeting campaigns usually have a higher ROI than campaigns targeting new audiences, but keep in mind that they might need a small nudge to take action, like a discount or special offer.
This also means you’ll have to be in love with data: you have to be able to sort your audience based on age, profession, interests, and much more, so you can refine your campaigns and retarget the right audience at the right time.

Having the right marketing strategies does not guarantee the success of your business. Your marketing strategies have to be accompanied by action, and thus it entails resources. One of which is a workforce. You can’t say that your business won’t succeed if you are doing the marketing by yourself. However, having someone on board will increase the chance to fast-track the growth of your business. Freelance Digital Marketers are gaining traction in all these significant areas and with a comparatively low investment and some commitment and attention, you can have these essentials ticked and give your business the growth you’ve been dreaming of!