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Sep 10, 2022

How to earn money as a Freelancer

Posted by Admin | Freelancer

This question must be popping up in the mind of every person who thinks of working as a freelancer. While it is true that the pandemic has significantly popularized freelancing, the amount of commitment and hard work required in working as a freelancer is just as much as in any other regular job, maybe more.

But what should this hard work and commitment look like? It has to be channeled somewhere, right? If not channeled it can lead to disappointments, lack of enthusiasm to work and hunt for opportunities and cause unnecessary wastage of timing for Freelancer.

Follow the steps below; if you intend to become a Freelancer and start earning money online

Firstly, decide what kind of freelancer you want to become: Freelancers work across a range of the spectrum, some entry-level freelancers usually choose general content writing and translation-related projects. In contrast, there are many intermediate to expert freelancers having specialized skills, qualifications and experience such as programmers, graphic designers, accountants, data analysts etc. If you want to make good money,  you should invest in yourself, acquire some skills and then join a freelancing platform. 

Once your skills are in place, the next step is to create a marketable profile on popular platforms to find freelance jobs: Yes, not just a profile but a marketable profile as you are not the only one possessing the skills you are putting up for finding freelance jobs. Further, you need to make sure that you mention all your skills in an attractive and marketable language. When you send proposals to the clients ensure that your proposal gives out the essence of the client’s requirements. Your profile and proposal must convince the Client that you can do their work and have a will to deliver the best quality work which other candidates cannot.

While you make your profile as a freelancer, also make sure that you price your services according to your skills. Remember that pricing low does not necessarily guarantee getting freelance projects from clients. If you have a very niche and specialized skill, and you are good at it, make sure you charge appropriate fees for your services. For sectors such as content writing, video editing, digital marketing and other such popular sectors, possessing the necessary skills along with qualifications and experience gives an added advantage.

Once you get in touch with a client who responds to your proposal and offers freelance jobs, things move on to the next level. The communication and negotiation level. At this stage, you converse with the client and get every doubt clarified about the project assigned by the Client and also make sure that your doubts are reasonable. This enthusiasm and willingness to understand the work can work amazingly in your favor.  The doubts should particularly be clarified in those projects which require technical or niche skills such as digital marketing, graphic design, logo design, app development, web designing etc.  Once the doubts are clarified, negotiate with the client about the timeline and the cost of the project. In case you have signed up to work on a per hour basis, it is better to decide on the number of hours before taking up the project so that the conflicts can be avoided at a later stage. Although some freelancing platforms leave it to the client to decide on the efficacy of the number of hours you put in, it mostly backfires in cases where the client expects too much work in a very short duration. 

Once you commence working on the Client's project, make sure you stick to the plan chalked out by you and the client and strictly adhere to the timeline decided. Delayed submissions, sub-par submissions are a huge off putting factor, and it could lead to bad feedback on your profile, which leaves a stain on all your progress and could seriously hinder your prospects of getting better freelance jobs in future. Therefore, make sure that you complete the work on time and according to the plan, and once the job is complete, make sure you ask for feedback from the client. Positive feedback enhances your profile and increases its credibility and authenticity further.

A successful freelancer working remotely at his own pace and location can make much more money than a regular full-time employee engaged in a similar service. However, it is the dedication, hard work and consistency, which eventually leads you to the highest echelons of the freelance market.