How Do You Become a Content Writer Freelancer? A Step By Step Guide For Newbies
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Oct 05, 2022

How Do You Become a Content Writer Freelancer? A Step By Step Guide For Newbies

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How Do You Become a Content Writer Freelancer? A Step By Step Guide For Newbies - Freelance content writers mostly work from the comfort of their homes, thus reducing the scope for human interactions and socialisation. Thus, it becomes of utmost importance for freelance writers to prioritise self-improvement and proactively update themselves about the changing trends in the freelance writing industry and writing styles. 

It is fundamental of a freelance content writer to have good writing skills and a basic understanding of the concept of marketing. Besides that, it is mostly about knowing about your worth and marketing yourself on the right platforms. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you become a good freelance content writer, and attracting high-paying clients. 

Step 1: Profiling

To showcase your work to potential clients, it is important to create a work profile highlighting your writing style and quality of deliverables. In case you are a newbie, you can take the liberty to draft a few sample articles and publish them on your profile. 

You can also create your own website to showcase your latest work or work samples, in the form of a more professional, organised and authentic portfolio. The idea is to let brands or companies know that someone with your skillset exists in the competitive market.

Step 2: Pitching

Once you have a functional profile or website in your name, look out for jobs fitting your job profile, writing style and experience. Create a strong pitching script to apply for these listed jobs. A good pitch that stands out can comprise guest posts, reviews or testimonials, to build credibility.

Step 3: Marketing

The easiest, most accessible medium to market yourself or your work in today’s time is social media. Create posts on your social media handle or follow writers whose work inspires you or businesses that you want to associate with. This practice not only helps you put your work out in the public domain but also helps you understand content trends and styles that are working. Take time to develop a good author’s bio for your profile. 

Step 4: Training

Although to be a freelance writer you don’t require a formal degree, you ought to teach and educate yourself in order to consistently churn out quality work for your existing or potential clients. Fortunately, there is no end to learning and developing new skills. There is an abundance of writing courses online to help you sharpen your skills and utilize them to your optimal potential. 

Step 5: Publishing 

As a newbie, instead of focusing only on big projects, start with small projects, where you can make your mistakes and quickly learn from them. Once you get the pace right, work will keep coming to you. Confidently publish your content writing samples on meticulously-chosen portals or websites that will showcase your writing prowess and work ethics to potential clients. 

Step 6: Reviewing

To know your true worth, it is necessary to get genuine reviews for your work. Writing guest blogs can be a way to not only network in the writers’ circle, but also get constructive feedback for the work that you put out. With experience, you can also do the same for other aspiring content writers. 
Step 7: Enlisting

Finally, you can register yourself as a freelance writer on platforms like Hireon, which directly connect you with clients seeking the same. Not only that, but it also helps you subscribe to your industry-specific blogs, to enhance your spectrum of knowledge. Such freelancing platforms certify high-rated specialists with badges, thus helping them land the best picks in the content writing market. 

Rising demand for freelance writers

To pursue freelance writing jobs, all you need is a room with an active internet connection. Being a freelance writer has its own perks, like choosing your working hours, and area of specialisation. The demand for high-quality freelance content writers is on the rise, especially after the pandemic outbreak. 

Locked in the confines of their homes, brands recognised the power of online content marketing. In this era of digitisation, companies are required to advertise themselves online to stay afloat in the business. Thus, companies started optimizing their content to rank at the top of search engine results. This is where a content writer steps in. 

If you are a freelance content writer, you have to keep learning, improving and updating yourself with the new trends in your specific industry, in order to attract good clients and jobs. Reading freelance writing blogs is one such practice that really helps you step up your game. With an array of blogs and content for you to browse through to learn and develop new skills, Hireon not just helps you become a good freelance writer, but also helps you find the best freelance writing jobs in the industry.