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Hireme to do VAT registration and VAT filing

About this Pick

Our firm will handle and manage your VAT data and file VAT return as per UAE Law to FTA. The tax returns will be VAT Compliant.

We will also advise the customer about VAT compliance issues if found during the VAT filing based on the plan purchased.

The Safety measures implemented by us while providing this service:

1. Legal Assurance

2. Safety

3. Goodwill


About Agency

Beyond Numbers is a UAE-based, accounting and auditing firm. Having come into existence in the fast-paced business world, the company looks at gaining increased momentum in the financial sector. We have emerged as the ‘edge-givers’ in the competitive environment, where companies look for key strategies that can help them achieve success in their business field.

Our quality-oriented and customer-centric approach, complemented with our on-time services makes us your top choice when it comes to accounting, auditing, and taxation-related matters. We are dedicated to providing high-quality financial and accounting consultancy and management services. Like any other market around the world, UAE has its own unique set of accounting challenges. With the new VAT laws in place, the structural framework of the financial sector has transformed. Businesses are obligated to run all the core operations with due compliance.

Beyond Numbers is founded by consummate professionals who are dedicated to serving companies of all sizes, be it small startups or big multinational corporations. Our experience gives us the strength to serve a broad range of industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality, Tour & Travel to name a few.

About Services

We provide the following services: 

1. VAT Filing service

2. VAT Consultancy service

3. Accounting Reconciliation services

4.Auditing Service

5. Bookkeeping Service

6. Payroll service