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Mrs Vandana Adnani



Hireme HR Consultancy

About this Pick

Vision Desk is a Project Management Consultancy boutique in Dubai that specializes in HR. We prioritize and manage the most important of resources – human resources. As a team committed to delivering service excellence, we strive to help companies excel in today’s fast-paced business world by taking care of all HR-related needs.

Managing people, the key assets in the work environment, is no walk in the corporate park. Partner with us to achieve your business objectives through our tried and tested HR solutions. 

Our services are as below:

Drafting HR policies
Drafting Human Resource handbook
HR consultancy 
Soft skills training 
HR Documentation
HR operational support 
Leave and attendance management 
Performance appraisal

Vision Desk, founded by seasoned HR expert Vandana Adnani, has developed a niche as a first-class brand providing Project Management and HR services in Dubai, including HR Advisory Services, HR Department Formation Services, over a diverse range of industries including Oil & Gas, Construction, Travels and Tours, clinics, and accounting firms. 

About Agency

Vision Desk provides outsourcing solution by a dedicated HR Consultant who manages your entire employee life-cycle on your behalf taking away the need to allocate resources internally.

Below is the outline for key deliverables for the retainer package:

•Managing the complete employee lifecycle from hiring to termination. ( Paperwork & Payroll setup).

•HR Contract Reviews to be compliant with the labour law.

•Onboarding employees by fulfilling joining formalities.

•All services will be carried out virtually on zoom or Microsoft teams.

•Recruitment will be a different service and will have additional cost.