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About this Pick

Our CFO Services in Dubai help businesses to cut costs and increase revenues and allows them to control the financial functions of the business. When your company grows alongside the economy, it is advisable to have a financial advisor to give direction to the monetary requirements of the company in an expert style. As a corporate executive, the CFO is primarily responsible for managing the financial risks of the business, along with financial planning and financial reporting.

A CFO has the experience to look for different types of number differences in places that might not even be connected to each other. In simple words, a CFO can be the foundation over which you can build your further financial decisions. The stronger the foundation, the higher you can build your business above it. Our CFO services are intended for the personal development of every business that joins hands with us. We not only keep the options for your preventive measures to keep the business safe but also provide the resources that break the limitations of growth for you.

About Agency

Established in Dubai in 2018, RSN Consultancy has since developed a reputation of being reliable and beneficial consultants to any business. With only two years of presence in the UAE financial market, RSN has developed a steady flow of clients from across the country with their distinctive brand of specialized and tailored Accounting Services in Dubai that help companies excel in the challenges they face in today’s constantly shifting business environment.

RSN has also collaborated with other management consultancy firms to work on local government projects.

With its growing popularity and significant market presence, RSN services clients across various industries – real estate, hospitality, food & beverage, trading & retail, and advertising & media to name a few.

We provide services in the following categories

1. CFO

2. Tax Consultancy

3. Accounting and Bookkeeping

4. Corporate Advisory